Just as promised, MTP Production took its fashion show to the next level; from “The Fashion Gala”, now a bigger, better and bolder “Philippine Fashion Gala”. Philippine Fashion Gala: Lokal is all about Philippine fashion, culture and the arts. Producer Mr. Mike Tagle challenged the lineup of fashion designers to create an eight to ten piece collection of their own interpretation of “Lokal”. Consistent with its past shows, the lineup is a mix of fashion students, young designers, and experienced designers, with one common ground: their passion for fashion. As Mr. Tagle has admitted in one of his interviews, “I am not after if they went to fashion school, or if how many years have they’ve been in the industry. Before I put them in the lineup, I ask each of them ‘Do you love what you’re doing?’”

The big day for Philippine fashion took place in Green Sun last June 2, 2018 and was divided into three shows in the afternoon starting 4PM.  The first show was included the graduation show of fashion design students from iAcademy, and couture designers. The second show was all about street fashion, and the third one was for the formal and bridal wear, the cycle 25 recital of MTP models, and of course, the talk-of-the-town, the plus size. It turns out that Mr. Tagle’s way of selecting the designers was the key to creating a spectacular show. Each collection showed the creativity and hardwork that the designers have put into to create their interpretation of “Lokal”. Some designers selected specific ethnic groups in the Philippines. Others have used local fabrics like piña jusi and kinan-ew fabrics. There are others that chose popular fiestas in the Philippines like “Sagala” and “Panagbenga”. Some even combined Philippine culture with foreign cultures like Taiwan and Africa. Many opted for creating modern versions of the Maria Clara and Barong. Indeed, each designer had their own aesthetic, creating very unique collections.

With these interesting and unexpected collections, each of the three shows was packed with people from both inside and outside the fashion industry. Big names included former chairman of NCCA Mr. Felipe de Leon Jr., well-known local designers KC Pusing, Albert Andrada, and Levenson Rodriguez, Lourd Ramos, owner of Creations Salon. Overall, the show was another success for the production and has set the bar high, enough for all to watch out for the next one. Not only was the show impressive, it also awakened our pride for the country.